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June 15, 2019


(Emgality—Eli Lilly)
FDA approves galcanezumab-gnlm to reduce the frequency of episodic cluster headaches

FDA approved galcanezumab-gnlm solution for self-injection to treat episodic cluster headache in adults. The agent was first approved in September 2018 for prevention of migraine in adults.  

Cluster headache is a form of headache that produces extreme pain and tends to occur in clusters, often at the same time(s) of the day, for several weeks to months. The headaches are accompanied by symptoms that may include bloodshot eyes, excessive tearing of the eyes, drooping of the eyelids, runny nose and/or nasal congestion and facial sweating. Some people experience restlessness and agitation. Cluster headache attacks may strike several times a day, generally lasting between 15 minutes and 3 hours.   

Hypersensitivity reactions with use of galcanezumab-gnlm could occur days after administration and may be prolonged. Treatment should be discontinued if this occurs. The most common adverse effect is injection site reactions.