American Pharmacists Month

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October is American Pharmacists Month

Know Your Pharmacist, Know Your Medicine


American Pharmacists Month is a great opportunity to celebrate the pharmacy profession, recognize your pharmacy staff and reach out to your patients. We’ve filled this site with ideas for activities and events that spotlight pharmacists’ contributions toward improving medication use and advancing patient care in all practice settings. Use these ideas throughout October—and all year long—to inspire your celebrations!

Remember: Email any coverage, clips, and event photos to and use #APhM2017 on social media. 

Above and Beyond

Get inspired by other APhA pharmacists and the great work they are doing in their community. 

Cortney Mospan, PharmD, BCACP, BCGP
I volunteer at Community Health Services of Union County, an interprofessional free clinic for uninsured patients. I was seeing a patient to provide medication education and assess his readiness for smoking cessation following his appointment with the physician. He was struggling with adherence to his medications due to adverse effects and cost, so we were restarting him on hypertension medications. During my session, the patient remarked that he had had a headache at the beginning of his appointment, and after questioning, it initially seemed fairly insignificant. But he soon remarked again about a headache and eye sensations and he was clearly struggling to pay attention. At this point, my student checked his blood pressure and he was in hypertensive urgency. I pulled the physician into the visit and we worked together to get the patient to go to the emergency department, as we did not have any appropriate medications to treat in office with our limited resources. The physician thanked me for my attention to symptoms and pulling him in to make sure we got the patient immediate attention to avoid complications of hypertensive urgency. 
Marie Murray, PharmD submitted by Mark Comfort, PharmD
As a preceptor for a community pharmacy residency program, I am constantly learning from the residents. This past year I observed one of my residents go out of her way to make a difference and help a patient in need.
Dr. Marie Murray, PharmD, was a Pharmacy Resident at H-E-B Pharmacy this past year. In November, Marie met with a patient for a comprehensive medication review (CMR). Marie learned that the patient was not taking her blood pressure medication correctly and did not have a blood pressure monitor to check her blood pressure at home. Marie talked to the patient about taking her medication correctly and recommended that she get a blood pressure monitor. In May, Marie followed up with the patient to complete a follow-up CMR, and found that the patient had been unable to obtain a blood pressure monitor because she could not afford one. Marie recognized that the patient had financial and transportation issues, reached into her own pocket, and arranged for the patient to receive a FREE H-E-B blood pressure monitor.



American Pharmacists Month Planning Guide

This guide will help you increase community consciousness about the care provided by pharmacists. You will find ideas for special activities and events that spotlight pharmacists' contributions toward improving medication use and advancing patient care in all practice settings. We have included many exciting tips and real-life examples of successful activities for every practice setting. There are more ways to celebrate American Pharmacists Month than there are days in October. You just need to choose what works best for your community.




Selfie Day

October 4 is American Pharmacists Month Selfie Day! We encourage all pharmacists and student pharmacists to share their selfie photos expressing their love of the profession. Be sure to use #APhMSelfieDay.

Pharmacy Technician Day

October 17 is Pharmacy Technician Day and is an opportunity to recognize the invaluable contributions technicians make in all practice settings throughout the year. Pharmacists: Take a moment this month to acknowledge the work of the technicians at your practice site and thank them for all they do for you and your patients. Pharmacy technicians: Promote American Pharmacists Month with your fellow technicians and pharmacists in your practice setting! For additional information, go to